Solid Corner Bracket with narrow 2 x 4 sides (Click to see more details on this bracket / DIY videos)

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See two DIY videos at the bottom of this page.

Approximate Size of the Bracket:

  • Height (on the post tab) 1 7/16”
  • Width along front of 2x4 is 4” each
  • Width of 2x4 tabs are 2 ½” & 3 ¼”
  • Depth along the 2x4 is 3 1/4”
  • With 24 fastener holes

Type of Fence This Bracket Is For:

This bracket is for a 90 degree corner of your fence.  This bracket is for the mostly level 2x4 meeting at the corner of your fence.  This bracket can be used on a 2x4 with the narrowest part facing forward at the edge of the post and your fence pickets will go on the outside of your fence.  If you need a bracket for a fence with fence pickets in the inside of your fence see our other parts as to which one might best suit your needs.

Inventory Limit:

Once a bracket is out of stock it will take approximately 3 weeks to get back in stock.  Please order the correct amount of brackets you need for your fence project. 

See our downloadable Bracket Form which shows you all the brackets and packages of screws available for purchase which might help you in organizing your fence building or repairing project.

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Installation Instructions:

First, you would attach the bracket to the corner post by lining up the center of the bracket to the corner of the post, then fasten it to the post using the tabs along the post.  Then place your 2x4 into each side of the bracket’s channel, fastening them to the bracket.  Make sure the 2x4’s is flush up against the post and the bracket’s channel before securing them to the bracket.  Doing it in this order will provide the best results.  Different types of woods vary so some 4x4 posts and 2x4’s might be loose on it or it might fit a bit tight, just tap the bracket on with a rubber mallet, then secure it with your screws or nails.  The holes in the bracket will accommodate a size #8 screw, maybe some #10 screws and a size #8, #10 or # 12 nail but may vary depending on the type of nail.  The holes are not counter-sunk and some fasteners may fit more flush up against the bracket than others.  Each bracket has a number of holes but you do not need to use every hole when attaching the bracket, we suggest using about half of the holes.  It is up to you which holes you would like to use and how many holes you would like to use.  If you leave some holes empty and later on if your fence starts to loosen then you can always add more fasteners to those unused holes.  If you prefer you can pre-drill your holes went attaching this bracket, just use a drill bit smaller than your fastener.     

There are no open slotted areas on the front for fastening your fence pickets so you will be fastening the fence pickets to the backside on the post and 2x4’s.