Q. Can the brackets fit any size of post?
A. No, the bracket was made for a 4x4 post and some posts when cut may slightly vary. The inside channel allows for an about 3 ½” post size.


Q. Can the side channels allow for maybe a 2x2 or 2x3 instead of a 2x4?
A. No, the brackets were made for the standard 2x4 (approximately 1 ½” by 3 ½”) but refer back to the different products and their descriptions.


Q. Do I have to use a screw or nail in every hole?
A. No, you can use which holes you like but suggest you might want to use about half of the holes. But, at some time in the future if the boards start to weaken from the bracket then you could use some of the unused holes and fasten it with a nail or screw to help secure the fence better.


Q. Can I use a different screw than what you have on your website?
A. Yes, but keep in mind the holes are not countersunk so a countersunk screw may stick up above the bracket a little more for that reason.


Q. Do I need to figure out how to screw the screw into one of the holes when I attach my picket board?
A. No, the open slotted area is use for that reason, so you can screw or nail through the picket board then into that open slotted area for ease of use when attaching your picket board.


Q. Is the wide or narrow slider used only on a sloped yard?
A. No, the bracket is also used for gently sloped yards going along the sides or along the back that bracket part #160150 or #160160 may not accommodate because the 2x4 will not fit because of the slope over a certain distance. See pictures on part # 160520 & 160620 for an example.


Q. Will the bracket hold my fence up even if the wood is rotting and splitting?
A. No, the bracket needs to be attached to wood that will hold the screws or nails securely to the wood.


Q. The bracket doesn’t fit the 4x4 post, it’s too small?
A. Some 4x4 post vary a little slightly in size with water retention or different types of woods may not shrink, or how that manufacturer may have cut the 4x4 post, it might be a snug fit, if needed just tap it on with a rubber mallet.


Q. Can I bend a corner bracket to make it fit the angle of my corner?
A. No, we don’t suggest you bend or alter the brackets (see the product warning sheet).


Q. Can I use 4x6 post?
A. Yes, if the 4” side is where you will attach the bracket and where all your picket boards will be attached but review each bracket’s description and see if it will work for your situation.


Q. Will any metal pole work?
A. No, this part #160220 works on a metal pole that is 2 3/8” or a square 2 3/8” metal pole, other sizes it will not fit, or it might be too loose.


Q. Could I use these on a solid plastic fencing?
A. It may fit, but would not suggest using it on this type of fence because these are made of 16 gauge galvanized steel, the brackets may heat up and damage the plastic fencing you place it on. Also, the bracket will still show on the edges which may not be appealing to some customers.


Please refer to the bracket descriptions on each product page and the Product Warning Sheet for additional information.